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The Condo Bible is the complete guide to condominiums, written in a reader-friendly way, accessible to the public at large. The book reflects the author’s experience, spanning decades, as a condo developer and manager. The author has been fully immersed in condos – from their very inception as a real estate product to their present deluge in the real estate market.

Developers, builders, legal advisors and government agencies typically fail to adequately address the unavoidable shortcomings associated with condominium ownership. Questioning condominiums in today’s market – or, rather, addressing the present-day condominium ownership structure – is an integral part of The Condo Bible, because the ownership structure is convoluted, ambiguous and to a large extent, misleading.

The Condo Bible contains the most important facts you need to know about condominium ownership, its benefits and its shortfalls. Most important, it provides many valuable practical solutions to the challenges facing present-day condominium owners. The Condo Bible will be of great help to unit owners and managers alike.

The Condo Bible deals with the most important facts related to condominiums, facts that the condominium owner or buyer must be aware of. Throughout the book, condominium ownership is analyzed as an investment; as a speculative real estate product; and as a personal residence with reference to condominium affordability factors. The Condo Bible explains what can go wrong even if a small number of unit owners default on their financial obligations. It provides numerous other valuable pieces of information and statistics.

The Condo Bible also examines the relevant pros and cons of condominium ownership in comparison to traditional real estate property. And the commonly held belief that “a renter should always strive to buy a property” is put to the test – at least when it comes to condominiums.