The Ten Commandments<br />of Condo Buying

The Condo Bible – Everything You Must
Know Before and After Buying a Condo
Many people do not know that the concept of condominium-like ownership failed on a massive scale between the First and the Second World War. This ownership concept was known as a cooperative, or “co-op” – an arrangement very similar to the present day condominium. In fact, the story behind the massive failure of co-ops inspired this book. The public needs a cautionary tale about present day condominium ownership and how to practically address its problems in order to avoid another disaster.

The Condo Bible addresses present-day condo issues by providing important facts about condominium ownership, its benefits and shortfalls, but most important, it reveals valuable, practical solutions to the challenges facing present-day condominium owners.

The practical solutions suggested in The Condo Bible provide necessary tools to all condo buyers, unit owners, and Board Members by pointing them to what should be done to improve the governance of a condo complex and what measures need to be taken to preserve and enhance the value of condo units in the future.


“I particularly like the description of the 100 unit complex example…Mr. Barnabic’s expertise is invaluable to those considering condominium ownership and to those who may find themselves on the board of a Condominium Association.”
Kimberly Winson-Geideman, Ph.D,
Prolific author on real estate and Professor of Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law
University of North Texas

“The general prudence infused into the book would do most condo buyers in good stead. A careful and thoughtful approach to purchasing a condo or any real estate is something that should be encouraged. Showing both the potential upsides and downsides of large investments in real estate is an important role that financial educators often rush past. That can certainly not be said for The Condo Bible.”
David Macdonald,
Senior Ottawa Economist
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

“I had a look at the book and find it to be a very useful guide for people living in condominiums or contemplating a condo purchase. It is well written and comprehensive.”
Andrejs Skaburskis,
North American Urban Studies’ Editor and Professor of Urban and Regional Planning
Queen’s University

“The book is timely….Barnabic does an admirable job at identifying what’s at issue, recognizing the paradox inherent in the idea of shared private property….the book provides the would-be buyer with an excellent background on condominiums and a checklist of things to look for when assessing the financial stability and long-term viability of a particular condominium corporation.”
Benjamin Gianni, Associate Professor,
Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism
Carleton University